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Benoît Vrins

Welcome to my portfolio, dear reader. You have my total respect you who will spend a little time of your existence in learning more about me. All is already said in the title: I work in the web, I am a designer and I love and play music. I'm living in Belgium near a small town called Namur with my wife and our twins. Have fun!

Daily shots

My current position


Partner & Webdesigner

Founded in 2011, Spade is a contemporary communications agency based in Brussels. With my two partners Denis Balencourt and François Lamotte we developed a lightweight agency with a smaller, high-talent core team, fluent in all media and technologies. I work on several area : Creative Direction, Design (UX, Interactive), Project Management, Content Strategies and even sometimes Web Integration.

Some projects



Songwriter & guitar player, I've been active on several projects like Rain After Rain, Dashbox, Comb0, ...